Nokia 6.1 Plus Unbiased Review: Great Design But Camera Quality is not Good

Nokia 6.1 Plus Unbiased Review: Great Design But  Camera Quality is not Good

It may appear as though incongruity, however, I was as of late made this inquiry by a companion, who was searching for another cell phone. The accentuation was neither on the word spending plan nor on the cell phone, however on "indent". I was exceptionally incredulous at this idea of the score when Apple propelled its iPhone X in September a year ago. Nonetheless, what took after has been a staggering grasp of the score and I was compelled to concede that the indent is setting down deep roots.
Nokia 6.1 Plus Unbiased Review: Great Design But  Camera Quality is not Good
Nokia 6.1 Plus Unbiased Review: Great Design But  Camera Quality is not Good
Presently, add the score to the flow of India's cell phone advertise, which is essentially shoddy and available cell phones, and what you have could be a champ. As per IDC, the main three top of the line cell phones amid the second quarter of 2018 were the Redmi 5A, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5. The piece of the pie obviously demonstrates that clients are purchasing cell phones generally in the sub-Rs 20,000 value fragment. The accomplishment of Xiaomi in this portion can be owed to three things – 1. Colossal brand following, 2. Spending Pricing, and 3. Unsurpassable highlights.

Presently, if a cell phone producer plans to challenge Xiaomi and its Redmi Note 5 Pro specifically then they have to get all the three things right and add two more things to the blend: a scored show and premium glass outline. Finnish cell phone producer HMD Global is attempting to do only that with its Nokia 6.1 Plus. It has a scored show, an excellent glass back, and equipment includes that match the Redmi Note 5 Pro. Things being what they are, does the Rs 15,999 Nokia 6.1 Plus succeed or miss the mark? Here is our survey.


My first telephone was a Nokia 1100 despite everything I recall that sentiment of contacting the polycarbonate back out of the blue. With the Nokia 6.1 Plus, I got that same inclination by and by. Indeed, it may sound a bit fanboy-ish yet we as a whole have utilized a Nokia telephone sooner or later and remembering it doesn't hurt.

With the Nokia 6.1 Plus, HMD Global is attempting to wed the top notch look and feel of a leader cell phone with equipment that fits in the mid-go value section. The Finnish organization is utilizing glass at the front and additionally back and aluminum packaging, which makes it a one of a kind offering in this value portion. At the front, there is a 5.8-inch LCD show with an indent at the best and a small button at the base. Like Motorola and Honor, Nokia is additionally utilizing that space to put it's marking.

The indent configuration is like what we have seen on cell phones from brands like Huawei, Honor and OnePlus. It isn't as wide as the one seen on iPhone X yet it isn't as little as the roundabout pattern for the front camera on the Essential Phone either. The Nokia 6.1 Plus' indent is by all accounts a center ground for the cell phone industry. It broadens the impression of the screen and puts the front camera, amplifier and different sensors into a walled in area. Regardless, the score is something you can't disregard.

At the back, there is glass slapped onto metal and it feels extremely smooth to contact. The glass, is obviously, a unique finger impression magnet and it is fitting to slap on a case when you purchase the cell phone. The back glass board has a removed for the vertically stacked double back camera, which distends a bit, influencing the gadget to sit unevenly on a level surface. The unique mark sensor is put beneath the camera module and it sits precisely where your fingers will achieve when holding the gadget. Both the camera module and the unique mark sensor are encompassed by a silver metallic ring, which gives a one of a kind touch.

The back is likewise home to more Nokia marking, the Android One logo, and administrative filings, which affirm that the cell phone is outlined in Finland and made in India. In spite of the thin bezel plan and glass back, HMD Global has held the 3.5mm earphone jack, which is set on the best. The volume rocker and power catch are on the correct side and these catches are anything but difficult to click. On the left side is the half and half SIM plate and the base part is home to USB Type-C port and speaker. At the best and base, there are plastic radio wire groups, which empower 4G availability.

All the four corners of the gadget are adjusted, which makes it ergonomic for a one-game utilize. I certainly believe that HMD Global has improved the situation with this outline particularly when contrasted with the plan of Nokia 7 or more.


The Nokia 6.1 Plus, likewise called as Nokia X6 in China, includes a 5.8-inch LCD show with a determination of 2280 x 1080 pixels. While the standard angle proportion for cell phones is 18:9, the expansion of the score has helped HMD Global make the show much taller with 19:9 viewpoint proportion. There are no obvious advantages of such a plan yet the taller show implies you get the chance to see more substance than on a standard 16:9 show. The best utilize instance of this show can be seen on Amazon Kindle application, where you get the chance to see all the more a page than a standard show.

The show is an LCD board and it is on par, if worse than the show seen on cell phones in this value section. The show bolsters the RGBA design precisely indicates brilliant hues like Red, Blue, and Green. Notwithstanding, it suffers from the standard LCD issue, where the white shading appears to be nearer to light dim. This issue isn't instantly noticeable in standard mode, however, can be seen in surrounding show mode.

I additionally disliked the versatile splendor alternative, which regularly attempted to set the shine to the appropriate measure of light. Inside multi-day, I debilitated versatile splendor and changed to manual brilliance between 5-20 percent. While there is a surrounding show setting, it indicates data just when you raise the gadget and does not bolster the dependably on work as observed on the Samsung Galaxy arrangement, Google's Pixel arrangement or the Huawei P20 Pro.

The LCD show on Nokia 6.1 Plus isn't the best however it does equity to the cost. A normal client won't discover any issues with this show yet when you look close, there is enormous potential for development.


I've been utilizing Google Pixel 2 as my essential cell phone since November a year ago. I like that telephone for two reasons: 1. Amazing Camera and 2. Unadulterated Software. The Nokia 6.1 Plus' product is by all accounts comparable to the rendition that Google sends on its premium cell phone.

HMD Global has constructed its establishment on the guarantee that it's cell phones will get opportune programming refreshes and will run the stock Android encounter. That stays valid for the Nokia 6.1 Plus also. The cell phone runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the container and is fixed with the security refresh until July 2018. The cell phone does not accompany any copy applications and it additionally does not have any internet business application introduced on it. The main application introduced as a major aspect of the bundle that not every person will utilize is Google Tez application, which encourages UPI-based installments. On the off chance that you don't care for it then you can uninstall it whenever.

Considering the reputation of HMD Global, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is relied upon to get Android 9 Pie refresh in the not so distant future. The Finnish organization has just guaranteed that all cell phones will get significant Android refreshes for a long time and security refreshes for a long time. It appears to be evident that Nokia 6.1 Plus will be refreshed to Android 9 Pie this year and Android Q one year from now. As far as the refresh cycle, Essential appears the pioneer taken after by HMD Global and OnePlus. Xiaomi likewise promises convenient programming refreshes with its Android One-based Mi A1 and Mi A2 cell phones yet it didn't generally convey with the Mi A1 a year ago.

As somebody who has been on Android biological system for a couple of years now, I should state that Google is firmly coordinating Apple with regards to consistency with UI and smoothness of task. With the refresh to Android 9 Pie, the Nokia 6.1 Plus will have the capacity to take the better favorable position of its scored show. It likewise bolsters motions like swiping on the unique mark sensor to see notices and twofold tapping on the power catch to open the camera. Amid my almost 10 days with the cell phone, I had zero issues as far as programming, which won't generally remain constant on a forked client encounter.

Execution and Battery Life 

The Nokia 6.1 Plus is controlled by the octa-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC combined with the Adreno 509 GPU. The chipset driving the cell phone is same as the one additionally found in the engine of Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. The processor is special since it utilizes the Qualcomm-outlined Kryo 260 centers with a most extreme clock recurrence of 1.8GHz.

On the Nokia 6.1 Plus, HMD Global has combined the chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64GB inner stockpiling. The execution is moderately smooth with applications propelling extremely quick and multitasking having no impact on the processor. One can even play recreations like the Asphalt 9: Legends with no issue.

The benchmark results that Nokia 6.1 Plus conveyed are indistinguishable from that of different cell phones in this value portion. The Nokia 6.1 Plus is gone for customers who might utilize their cell phone for web-based life, perusing, perusing the web and easygoing gaming, and it performs exceedingly well in every one of those situations. On account of stock Android and the need to drive generally economical assets, the Nokia 6.1 Plus executes and in addition cell phones with 6GB of RAM.

Battery life is an extremely precarious part to assess and no two clients have the same measure of utilization. In my test, the Nokia 6.1 Plus charmingly astounded me as far as battery life. My use, which included 45 minutes of perusing on the Amazon Kindle application, 45 minutes of gaming with Asphalt 9: Legends, informing with associates and companions on Slack and WhatsApp individually, music spilling out of sight by means of Saavn and intermittent handling of pictures. With this arrangement of different users, the Nokia 6.1 Plus gave me a screen on time of around 4 hours and 32 minutes.

This was with splendor physically set to anyplace somewhere in the range of 5 and 20 percent, I could have hauled more squeeze out of this battery by actuating versatile brilliance. This is predominantly accomplished by stock Android's less-requesting piece and Android Oreo's astounding battery administration framework called 'Snooze in a hurry'. Regardless of a little 3,060, mAh battery, the Nokia 6.1 Plus offers great continuance.


In creating markets, cell phones were at first acquired as the principal figuring gadget. In a previous couple of years, it has turned into the principal camera for general clients. At the point when individuals move up to another cell phone, they ensure that it has a better than average camera, if not the best. In the wake of utilizing the Nokia 6.1 Plus, I think the camera is the weakest connection of this cell phone.

Try not to misunderstand me, the Nokia 6.1 Plus isn't terrible as a camera telephone. Actually, it is great yet certainly not anyplace near the best in this value portion. The Nokia 6.1 Plus utilizations a double back camera framework with a 16-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel auxiliary sensor. The optional sensor is a monochrome sensor that guides with profundity detecting. You don't get the alternative to independently control these picture sensors.

Nokia 6.1 Plus figures out how to hold a considerable measure of detail even in the wake of editing the picture

As far as results, the photos have a considerable measure of detail in the closer view zone yet there is noticeable commotion and cutting out of sight. I was certainly astounded by the points of interest you could see even in the shadow region in spite of the way that the primary 16-megapixel sensor has f/2.0 opening and not something as wide as f/1.7 or f/1.8. Be that as it may, the camera neglects to comprehend dynamic range and I shot a few pictures where the sky and cloud were totally extinguished or overexposed.

The live bokeh mode on Nokia 6.1 Plus gives you a chance to change the profundity of field

While one would attempt to settle this issue by utilizing manual control, the choices are constrained to metering mode, center, white adjust and introduction. Like most different cell phones in this value portion, the Nokia 6.1 Plus likewise battles to catch enough points of interest in low-light. It likewise incorporates Live Bokeh, which enables you to catch pictures with the shallow profundity of getting it. It isn't flawless however you get the capacity to control the profundity of the field and can create pictures with right harmony between regular bokeh and counterfeit bokeh.

When I began seeing pictures shot on the Nokia 6.1 Plus on my work area, I understood that our desires from the cell phone camera have gone up altogether. The Nokia 6.1 Plus offers a decent camera yet it is likely not sufficient now. We (or I) expect a great deal better and Nokia 6.1 Plus does not do that particularly when the opposition is Mi A2, which presumably has the best camera involvement in the sub-Rs 20,000 value fragment.

Since I have been running a product not upgraded for the last item, I might want to give the advantage of the uncertainty to HMD Global. The organization appears to have picked the correct sensor and it should simply improve the product to more readily comprehend dynamic range and ensure that subjects are not made a huge deal about.


We have achieved the pinnacle cell phone level, and most alternatives today are at a phase where all gadgets appear to seem to be comparable. With the Nokia 6.1 Plus, HMD Global has figured out how to break that curse and is conveying the exceptional plan to the mid-extend portion. It prevails with regards to offering the message that top-notch plan with a glass back isn't constrained to leader gadgets.

The things that work for the Nokia 6.1 Plus are its stock Android encounter, better than average battery life and minimal shape factor. Nonetheless, it isn't immaculate and its camera isn't anyplace near coordinating the Xiaomi Mi A2. 
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